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Oct 012008

Cylon CenturianSticking with previous I Want It Wednesday posts I came across this lifesized Cylcon from the new Battlestar Galactica and thought how cool it would be to add it to a giant robot collection alongside the Robby Robot and the B9 robots (if one could afford them all that it).

from the item description…

The Cylon Centurion Robot is a highly-prized robotic masterpiece and only available in limited quantities.

Officially licensed for Battlestar Galactica and exclusively manufactured by the legendary ‘Robot Man’ Fred Barton, each Cylon Robot is hand-made, numbered and signed by him.

Standing 7-feet tall, each Cylon is carefully crafted out of sturdy fiberglass right down to the delicately spindled fingers.

The visor in the helmet displays a red LED light effect and the eerie whirring of the Cylon brings your robot to life!

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