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Sep 242008

Digital PenDigital pens are so cool. I first saw the livescribe pen at Target and boy does it look sweet (I am writing this using the fly fusion digital pen), The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen looks to be more geared to college students and business people over the LeapFrog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer. Live scribe also records the audio as you write and it can be played back with just a tap of the pen on your tablet. With digital pens you don’t have to lug your heavy laptop with you just a pen and paper is all you need. Bloggers are going to love this new toy. Simply hand write your posts then upload them to your PC. Proof read and cut and paste, viola you’re all done. (If it works, but reports/reviews say the LiveScribe pen does not convert your handwriting to text just yet.)

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  One Response to “I Want It Wednesday: Livescribe Pen”

  1. the pen really is great; i just got it a few weeks ago, and i’m really impressed. if anyone wants it, go to and use the code: SCRIBE5A20 to get a 5% discount! it’s a great buy

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