LEGO Brand Retail
Aug 272008

Mini Mag Display StandsNormally my post of things I want turn out to be cool expensive gadgets I’ll never get, but this week it is actually something I will be placing an order for soon. These magnetic action figure display stands are pretty cool. The stands fit standard action figure peg holes (as long as the figure’s foot comes with a hole) and have a magnet on the bottom. The displays are either flat sheets or multi-tiered pieces of powder coated metal to keep your figures where you put them. I should be getting mine in the next couple of weeks then if I like it I’ll have to buy more as I have way too many toys to display.

I’ll also have to figure out what I am doing with all my action figures with no hole in the foot like those darn Diamond Select Star Trek figures of mine. Do I drill a peg hole (taking the chance of ruining the figure and or devaluing it) or use Velcro (which could also ruin the figure)? Well guess I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

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