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May 142008

Pleo Robotic DinosaurNew feature for me. While I could fill this blog with a daily I want it post I think I will stick to just Wednesdays (mostly). I cannot help it if I am overcome with the feeling of ‘I has to have this’ therefore making me post on other days to, but I will try to stick to just Wednesdays (but I won’t promise not to post more than once each Wednesday). Since this is the first ‘I Want It Wednesday’ I thought I would post something pretty sweet. I have been reading about the robotic dinosaur known simply as PLEO for awhile now and he is finally here and I want one! He is a little out of my price range so if any kind souls wish to donate one for further tests and studies I am the slacker for the job 🙂

Remember the Furby? Well Pleo is a Furby to the 100th power. He learns, plays games, sings, walks, and can even talk with other Pleos. There is a whole community out there for Pleo owners at People and animals really respond to Pleo. Check out this video of a Pleo at SeaWorld. The dolphins just don’t seem to know what to make of this little dino. I just gotta get a Pleo. Thanks to the folks over at BotJunkie for reminding me I wanted one of these bad boys.

Pleo will set you back about $350, but after you see this video you won’t mind.

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  1. I really do need a Pleo. If you do too they are available at (cheapest I have seen them thus far too!

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