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Jun 042008

This week’s I Want It Wednesday post is pretty simple. As you can see by my earlier posts I obviously have a Wii. It took me a while and at first I wasn’t sure I was falling for all the hype. Then my nieces got one and I went over to play. Big mistake.

First because the hooked me on Guitar Hero another bit of popular culture I wasn’t going to get sucked into. Well within a week of playing it I had Guitar Hero III for my PS2 and had spent the weekend doing nothing but playing the game. Then the following week I wound up buying the other three games too!

Soon after I jumped on the Guitar Hero bandwagon I decided I would hitch my wagon to the Wii as well. But no Guitar Hero for the Wii has come into play just yet.

This month Rock Band comes out for the Wii and you guessed it, I want it.

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