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May 182008

Finally got to see the Ironman movie and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the action. Downey did a great job playing an alcoholic womanizer. Did he have practice? Seriously, he did an excellent job in the film. Before the movie we got a glimpse at a few of the summers upcoming flicks. Two in particular stood out for me Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and The Incredible Hulk.

I will mostly likely be waiting in line for Indy but not so much for the Hulk. Although this new trailer showed me a little more about the movie and that is might actually have a plot and not just be the big hideous CGI monster all the time. So I had hope for about 24 hours, now I am not so sure. I just read about Edward Norton’s disagreement with Marvel over the film’s substance at IGoTheBeat. According to IGTB and Marvel wanted a shorter faster paced film while Norton and the director wanted a longer film with more substance (I have to agree with Norton).

Perhaps the negative press will actually drum up viewers for the film. Most people I know weren’t planning on seeing this film simply because of how horrible Ang Lee’s Hulk was (I wouldn’t even give it a half star). So maybe with all the rumors and press people might just go to see what the hubbub is all about. I still won’t be seeing it in theaters, but someone might go. Good luck with that movie Marvel. You might be thanking your lucky stars that you did Ironman first.

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