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Nov 252008

Trying to live a soy free lifestyle is hard. Much harder than one would think. (Sorry but since this affects my every waking moment you’ll see a lot of soy posts on this blog.) As I had learned from my search for Mayo when an ingredients list says “natural flavors” it is really saying soy. Take a good hard look at the ingredients list on any product you are bound to see the phrase natural flavors.

The worst part is that even with soy being one of the top allergens (even deadly like peanuts) The FDA in their infinite wisdom (sarcasm in case you don’t get it) says only certain soy proteins are the problem so manufacturers don’t need to list them on the labels. Leaving us all exposed to soy in other forms, which as I can attest can be almost as bad as straight soy protein. Okay so each form of soy can affect me differently all forms still make me feel like crap. So it really annoys me when you call a company like Coca-cola to find out if the natural flavors listed on their cans of Coke are at all soy based and all they do is read off a company statement saying what kinds of soy they are required to list.

They will not give you a straight answer telling you that it is proprietary information, so the Coke recipe is so secret they would rather make people sick or even kill them than admit whether or not natural flavors are at all soy based. Once I spoke with a supervisor she at least came back to me with an answer of no soy in the natural flavors, but do I believe them or simply cut all Coke products out of my life for good?

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  2 Responses to “Is There Soy In Coke”

  1. did you find out if it was safe?

    • It is supposed to be minimal amounts and supposedly not the protein that causes allergies. I never did get any response from Coke. I stopped drinking it years ago and honestly don’t miss any soft drinks.

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