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May 022008

I have been hearing so much about the Gentle Leader Headcollar from Premier pet but never quiet got the gist of what it did. I guess that’s because I don’t have a dog, but as I have said many times before I am related to plenty of pooches.

I am always seeing people struggling with their dogs as they try to walk them. It is more like the dog is taking them for the walk or perhaps I should say for a drag. From what I just read about the Gentle Leader over at I take it that is what this headcollar does. It helps better control the dog so he his not pulling you.

Heck if it can help Sandy stop pulling it should be able to work for almost anyone with a feisty pup.

Gentle Leader Headcollar for DogsThe gentle leader comes complete with an instructional video to teach you how to use this unique dog collar. It really is kind of odd looking but who cares if it works. The gentle leader is designed to keep your dog beside you or behind you instead in front of you pulling you along.

Regina even said that the gentle leader reduced her back strain her dog caused her when they would go for walk. With those kinds of results all I can say is the Premier Gentle Leader Headcollar is the dog collar for me (if I had a dog that is.) I know I will be telling all my canine loving friends about this great product.

If you have used the Gentle Leader be sure to let me know what you think of this product by commenting on this article.

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