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Apr 012008

I know it has got to be me. I know I am a bit of a bitch most of the time, but come on. I called my doctor’s office again for an easy task. One they have performed on many occasions. I just needed a new referal for my allergy doctors so my insurance would continue to pay for it.

Well the woman that picked up the phone was extremely rude [like the other day when I called for an appointment]. I swear there is only one nice person in that entire office. From now on when I call in I am automatically just going to ask for her. I don’t know what I will do if she ever leaves or retires. Guess I will look for a new doctors office.

Instead of the normal easy phone call I am given the third degree. Okay it was not the third degree but I was asked for all this information [provider id, fax number, my insurance number] that I am not normally asked for. In fact it is all stuff they should have in my file after two years of them doing this for me. When I finally had enough and asked for the nice nurse by name there was a long pause and Nasty McGee came back on the phone and said she had everything she needed in my file [duh] and would fax it to them for me. Couldn’t she just have done that in the first place?

But as I have said earlier it must be me. Even over the phone they see how easy it is to piss me off and try their hardest. I thought I had read some where that more and more hospitals and doctors offices were taking the whole customer service values to heart. Guess it hasn’t reached this little rinky dink office yet. When it does I know a few nurses who need some seminars.

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