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Apr 052008

While I wasn’t able to find a definitive answer to my question from a vet or pet site. That question being: Are onions bad for cats? I was able to find a very knowledgeable and friendly online group [Cats and Kittens Yahoo Group] that confirmed for me that my suspicions were correct.

Onions are indeed just as bad for cats as they are for dogs. Onions do the same thing to felines as it does to canines.

An onion will basically cause the animal to become anemic by attacking the cat’s hemoglobin just like in dogs. They even go on to explain about a Heinz Body, the dangers of onion powder and that garlic has the same dangerous compound only in lower doses than onions. These people know their kitties that’s for sure. They were also a huge help to me when I first got Boris as a baby that needed hand fed.

Boy the list of bad foods and things to keep away from my precious pets just keeps getting longer and longer!

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