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May 162008

Justice League A New Frontier[amazon_link id=”B000PFSYO4″ target=”_blank” ]Justice League A New Frontier[/amazon_link] is a very entertaining animated film based on the graphic novel by the same name from Darwyn Cooke. The League is up against The Centre an evil of biblical proportions. Learn the origins of Martian Man Hunter and Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern. Set around he same time as the McCarthy era. Can the Justice League unite and save the world?

Animation is very good not overly anime-influenced like most animation these days. Voices are all very fitting with only one exception, the voice of Batman. Jeremy Sisto does the voice while I liked him in Six Feet Under his voice for a cartoon sounds more like a villain that of the Batman. All our other heroes had nice clear, crisp voices, but Bat’s was gravelly and sinister. Yes, he is the Dark Knight, but Sisto’s voice might have been too dark.

Lucy Lawless made a nice Amazon (once again) playing a Wonder Woman with a slightly twisted sense of justice.

Additional Cast: Phil Morris, Neil Patrick Harris, Lucy Lawless, Miguel Ferrer, David Boreanaz

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