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Mar 242008

Two days ago a young girl in our neighborhood died in a car accident. She was only 24. Only a few years older than my niece. While I may not have personally known her I do remember hearing about her from my friend who was her art teacher in middle school and about how talented and nice she was. Any time a life is taken it is sad, but when one has barely had time to start their life it is all the sadder.

Liz Martelli’s ArtworkLiz was a talented artist and quite the poet. You can read her poems at her MySpace page as long as they keep it up and as a memorial to her I will be posting her work on I just don’t think it should be lost.  The photo to the right is one of her pieces. You can see it as well as other fine artists on the Berks Humane Society’s Art of Arf’s Sake website.

An obituary for Elizabeth Martelli was posted on the Reading Eagle’s website.

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