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Apr 302008

Looking for answers to some questions brought up by my friend about the ATT Go Phone commercial featuring Meat Loaf and got no where with Yahoo Answers. Not that it was my first choice. [This is a good example of how user supplied content can go awry.]

 Yahoo Answers, what’s the point? I assume they set this up to give people actual answers to their questions, but thus far I have not found anything good or accurate about the site. It is nothing more than a forum. My suggestion to people it to head to or search on Wikipedia, but still take your answers you get with a grain of salt. But for Yahoo Answers take those with an entire shaker of salt. Because the questions are ill formed and the answers are incomplete. You’ll find better answers by looking elsewhere.

Example: Googled Meat Loaf Go Phone Commercial [I wanted to know who was in the commercial with him]. I feel Google is at fault here too for ranking this idiotic site so high. The third result was for Yahoo Answers to this question:

“If you can remember 8 tracks, or the “Time Warp” then you probably won’t know Meat Loaf. Is that Ellen Foley (Paradise by the Dashboard Lights) with him in the commercial? I know Meat has two daughters, but does he have a son?”

The question was marked resolved with this answer:

“The wife in the commercial is 80’s pop star Tiffany.”

This only partly answers the question as Meat Loaf only has two daughters and no sons. To completely answer the question they could have told us who the actor playing the son is as well.

My problem with this whole system is with the incorrect and incomplete answers but sometimes it lies in the questions too. Like this question. I remember 8 tracks and the Time Warp and I certainly do know who Meat Loaf is. How could anyone who knows the Time Warp NOT know who Meat Loaf is? EDDIE!

Oh, I found the answer to who is the son in the commercial. According to Best Week Ever he is played by Adam Cagley.

Tiffany is getting to be quite the guest shot star herself. She was recently in the Robin Sparkles video on the TV show How I Met Your Mother.

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