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Mar 272008

Why aren’t people in the medical field more compassionate? When people are sick they need to feel some compassion from the people they are entrusting to make them well again. My mom had some bad experiences when she had her recent stay in the hospital and so did I after my auto accident.

Just today I called my family doctor to set up an appointment to have my legs checked. I am having an awful lot of swelling in them at night when I get home from work. Besides that I also wanted to see the other doctor in the practice since I don’t exact feel like I have gotten the best of care from my primary physician on this case.

Well the person who answered the phone was very short with me and would not let me get a word in edgewise. I understand they might be busy but please take the time to fully listen to the person before jumping down there throat or to conclusions about them or their problems. I wasn’t even going to be allowed to see the other doctor once I finally got the chance to request them.

Doctors need to listen to their patients and they need to hire nurses that will do the same. It is all about the customer service and both hospitals and doctors need to learn that.

At this point I am locked into this office as my primary physician with my insurance so I guess my first steps are to find out how to go about changing that then go and find a new doctor, one who might actually care about their patients if there are any out there.

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