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Mar 262008

After coming across the Coleco Star Trek game on the Handheld Games Museum I decided to poke around and see what other Star Trek games they had listed and which ones I did not know about. Here is what I found…

Phaser Strike   Star Trek Watch Game   Star Trek 25th Game   Tiger TNG Game

  1. Milton Bradley Microvison Star Trek Phaser Strike

  2. Collins Wrath of Khan Video Game Watch

  3. Konami Star Trek 25th Anniversary Game

  4. Tiger Electronic Star Trek: The Next Generation LCD Game

And while not a Star Trek game in name the Bandai Pair Match game has been used as prop on TNG as seen in the screencaps below.

Bandai Pair Match   Bandai Pair Match   Bandai Pair Match

Guess I have some eBay shopping to do now.

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