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Aug 292008

Today started out very iffy, but it turned itself around (a little bit at least). I was on my way to work when my check engine light came on. My car is only three years old. It does have almost 93,000 miles on it due to my daily commute to work. My big fear is that it will die before I even get it paid off. Thank goodness the light came on close to where my parents live so when it started hesitating I was too scared at least I wasn’t on the turnpike! I borrowed my parent’s car and headed off to work secure in the knowledge that my dad would take care of finding out what was wrong with my car. I still don’t know.

But to add insult to injury (so to speak) the guy at the turnpike when I went to pay my toll was a bit of a jackass. I handed him my ticket and $20. His response was to stand there like a big idiot holding my twenty and telling me that the toll is only 75 cents. As if I did not know how much it was after driving this route for nearly five years. I looked back at him and just said, “I know. That is all I have (and it was too or I would have given him something else).” Was he that dense or just that lazy that he did not want to count out my change to me?

So I finally get to work and everything is business as usual. Nothing too taxing, which made me happy. Plus the added bonus of a free lunch. Even though I still don’t know what is up with my vehicle my day wasn’t a total pile o’ pooh.

While I was writing this my mom called they fixed my car and I can take theirs back tomorrow. It was the camshaft position sensor, whatever that is.

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