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Apr 292008

Flea Cat ToySo your kitty has put up with the combs, she’s put up with the shampooings, she’s even put up with the drops. Now it’s her turn for revenge on that little pest that’s bothered her so long.

Get your kitty this adorable little plush flea catnip toy and watch her go crazy. The flea catnip cat toy is 3” long and filled with genuine organic catnip from the fine folks at Multipet who know pets just wanna have fun.

Give your kitty one of these and she won’t mind you asking her in your kitty voice, “Whose got fleas? Who’s the kitty with the big bad fleas?”

Your cat will love getting the bite on this cute critter.

Last week I told you all about the dog toy I bought without having a dog just because it was so darned cute. Well now my kitties get to have fleas too and they just love it! Thanks to the fine folks at

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  1. [...] Like I said the catnip flea cat toy is now available at Book Mark it-> | Reddit | Slashdot | Digg [...]

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