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May 172008

Well, as you can tell by my post yesterday things at work are not the best and haven’t been for quite sometime. Besides all the personal issues I have there I am also struggling financially. The cost of me just going to work has almost tripled over the past year! The commute is eventually going to kill me. I am not exaggerating here every time I get in my car on that highway my blood pressure shoots to over 160/100! (I am afraid I will have a stroke or heart attack behind the wheel someday.)

My bills are piling up because I have to set more money aside to pay to go to work and less is going to the bills I already have. This is not a good position to be in that’s for sure. I am pretty much trapped by my job. So how do I get out of this mess? I am not exactly sure, but I am looking into personal loans as a possible solution before my credit gets any worse. I have been doing some research online and offers loans to even people like me with less than perfect credit scores. So there might be a light at the end of this dark tunnel after all.

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