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May 032008

Red Bearded DragonsIn March I went to the Pet Expo here in Reading. I know it took me long enough to write about it. It was very interesting and pretty much fun. I went with a friend of mine and her husband. We walked through the entire thing. It was huge. My favorite were the reptiles. Not that I want any it’s just the bunch of them together were fun to watch. Especially the bearded dragons.

There were lots of rescue groups there too for just about every dog breed. Tons of stores with loads of stuff to buy. Mostly dog related but there were things for other pet lovers too. Beside the dogs there was also loads of ferret groups.

There is also a huge horse arena, a dog agility arena, dogs doing fly ball (that was fun to watch), cat show, pet costume contests. People could bring their pets along too. There was even a big old tiger there. Below you can see a few other pictures I took like the smiling potbelly pig and the over dressed little yorky.

Happy Pig in Awful Outfit Happy Go Lucky Little Yorkie

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