LEGO Brand Retail
Jul 262008

I stopped by Michael’s today to pick up some stuff for my yet unannounced project and I saw they have most of their Halloween stuff out already. Loads of new haunted houses from Lemax. These are similar to The Dept. 56 houses just not as good or as expensive. We have been collecting these for several years now. The haunted village gets set up on years we don’t have our big Halloween blow out.

New Tomb for my GraveyardNothing really thrills me this year, which is good as I can use the money for something else. I did pick up a Crypt for my mini cemetery and a set of light up tombstones. Normally, I stay away from the figures but this year they had a Zombie dog chasing a Zombie cat that I just had to get.

Now that the light up stones are out of the package I am not too sure about them. I will wait a see what B has to say. If I get approval I will keep them if not back they go. If I can find pictures of last years display I will post them here.

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