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Jan 062008

We need to enact a ban of newspapers in public places. They are just too big and violate other personal spaces on buses, trains, planes, and even in waiting rooms. They just should not be allowed in crowded public areas. Sitting in a full waiting room I was constantly being nudged and annoyed by the person next to me as they flipped through their paper with no thought to the person 2 inches away from them. It is even worse on a plane. The last time I flew some where I was next to this guy who first of all showed how annoyed he was to be next to me then proceeded to fully open is paper over both his plane seat and mine! He was on the aisle but he just had to stick his paper right in front of me. Man I hate middle seats on a plane.

The average seat is about 15 inches and the average newspaper is almost twice that. How can someone reading a paper in public help but aggravate the person next to them? There would not be a need for a ban if the average human being was considerate enough not to push their paper into the face of the person next to them, but they are not.

Heck, a magazine is even pushing it in closer quarters, so please think before you spread your wings completely. The person next to you might want to read the same thing you are.

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