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Aug 292008

School has barely even started and it is already time to begin preparations for Christmas. If you work retail you know what I mean. Halloween will be here and gone. Quickly followed by Thanksgiving then Christmas. As for retail Halloween won’t even be here by the time stores are filling up with holiday decorations and stocking shelves for all those shoppers out there buying gifts for their friends and loved ones. This quarter of the year really flies by. For retailers it doesn’t even really start until black friday (the day after Thanksgiving when all heck breaks loose). Personally, I have never been able to experience the whole Black Friday experience. I have always had to work that day. There seems to be a bit of madness that goes on that day. In a way I would like to see the other side of it at some point.

I would definitely set out on Black Friday with a plan. Find out what stores where offering what sales and special deals well in advance of the big day. Set up a game plan and stick to it as best as I could. The best way to find out ahead of time which stores are having the best sales or offering almost free merchandise is to use a website like It is their job to find out what is going to be in the Wal-Mart, Toys R Us or Circuit City ads well in advance of Black Friday. Oh and the best part is they even have links so you can buy some of those great deals online without going out and fighting the crowds. I remember last year Wal-Mart was practically giving away laptops to those who were willing to get there early in the morning and wait in line. I have already book marked the site and will be working on my plan of attack for the Toys R Us specials this year.

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