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Aug 242008

Mario KartMario Kart is one heck of hard game to find. I had to borrow a friend’s to see if I like it before resorting to ordering it online. I guess I might have to buy it, as it is pretty fun. Although I do suck at it guess I’ll get better with practice. I ran a few races then tried my hand at an online game or two. There’s nothing like getting your ass beat by people across North America (I chose regional because I did not want to be a world class loser just yet).

My ride home on Friday night was a little like real life Mario Kart. I’m driving along minding my own business when this jackass decides he has to come over in my lane. I lay on my horn and he keeps coming over. I don’t think he ever looked over or even used his side mirror at all. Finally, just before he hit me and/or forced me into the cement median he pulled back into his lane and looked at me like I’m to blame that he can’t drive. Sometimes I really can’t stand people.

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