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Jan 142008

I have never been a fan of reality television I just don’t get the appeal, especially the appeal of shows that only seem to stress the ugliness of the human race. If I want to see all those people fighting and backstabbing, I would simply go to more family reunions or watch the news. There is enough stress in ones own life without adding more on TV. Thank goodness the reality series seems to be falling out of favor. I know I will jump for joy when they are finally all gone or we have returned to calling them game shows (that is what they are after all game shows).

This fall had brought us a lot of new series, good series. Series that could have helped bring about the fall of reality (aka crap) programming. But thanks to the writer’s strike many of these shows had to stop production and may not survive the strike. Here is a list of new shows that I hope will not be killed by this strike: Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Reaper, Bionic Woman

But apparently it has not hurt the reality shows. Funny because isn’t one of the strike terms about getting residuals, from those reality shows. If they are real shouldn’t they be unscripted and therefore not need writers? So my thoughts on the matter are kill all the reality (or should I say so-called reality) shows and then they don’t have pay the writers for anything. Just be gone with them.

On a side note I am on the side of the writers. They should get the money they deserve for their creations. Even though I would not get anything for the things I create for my employer it belongs to them to do with, as they like. I can only hope I would get a bonus if I wrote something that made them money, but I do dream.

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