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May 122008

Next time you need a car rental why not check out one of the smaller companies. Now mind you they are all that small as you will find pick up and drop off points and numerous US and international airports. They just aren’t every where like some companies, at least not yet.

First thing that struck me about this company was the announcement on their website that says they are the first major car rental company that is committed to going 100% green by the year 2010. So while we might not have our flying cars by 2010 you will be able to rent a car from an environmentally friendly company. Pretty cool.

Don’t forget to check out their special deals while you’re at their website. Who could pass up a deal like only $19.99 per day? With gas being as expensive as it is you need the break on the cost of the rental. That way you’ll be better equipped to enjoy your trip without further worries. Another way to save on your car rental is to fill out their survey once you have rented. If you do you’ll get a free day.

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