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Oct 252008

Besides Halloween October can be a pretty busy month. It has two major Jewish holidays. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month (that’s why you are seeing all that pink out there – I’m saving my Yoplait lids, even though I should not be eating it), I believe Canadian Thanksgiving falls in this month, and it is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month.

So if you are looking for a family pet, please check out your local shelters or rescues before heading to a pet store or breeder. Doing so you will be saving a life and not supporting puppy mills both at the same time. Plus most breed specific rescues out there will make sure to get you the right animal for your family. And you’ll get the piece of mind knowing that the dog has been well taken care of and socialized by some one that really loves them. I have seen these groups in action they truly do love the animals they are fostering until a new loving owner comes along.

If you can’ t find a rescue locally most of these groups will do what they can to get your pet to you safely. So please check out rescues before resorting to a pet store no matter what month you are looking for a pet not just during National Adopt a Shelter Animal Month.

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