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Aug 012008

The Batman Dark Knight figures are pretty cool. I’m not talking about the six-inch figures or even the deluxe figures (although the deluxe Joker does look more like Heath than the others). I am referring to the small 3.75-inch scale figures. You have probably noticed by now that I have a thing for small toys and action figures. Even though I never really collected the Star Wars figures that’s my favorite scale. At first Mattel only released the large figures and a bat mobile with a 3.75 inch figure, but I wasn’t going to pay that much money when all I wanted was the bat.

Then they appeared on the pegs at my local Target, they being three different two packs of batman figures in my favorite scale! I grabbed the Batman / Joker-set and the Batman / Bruce Wayne set. I didn’t really feel the need for The Batman / Scarecrow set as I did not need another Batman and the Scarecrow does not thrill me. There is also a little play set, which includes a Batman as well (again I wasn’t paying 15 bucks just for a Batman). The only thing is the figures could have had a little more articulation. I would have liked elbow joints especially since the Joker’s jacket kind of kills the articulation in the legs. Batman’s cape is cloth, which is nice. Also there are no peg holes for stands. Bummer, but there is cool treads on Batman’s boots.

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