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Dec 042008

The soy free Mayo Search may have ended. I think I have found the answer to mayonnaise problem (kind of). Thanks to all the people over at topix for answering some one else’s question it sure helped me.

Spectrum Naturals makes a Canola Mayonnaise that unlike Hellmann’s Canola mayonnaise truly is soy free. And it saves me from making my own. The whole raw eggs thing had me freaked what if I poisoned myself? But if I made it I could leave out the mustard (another allergen for me albeit a lesser of two evils for now).

Spectrum Naturals Canola mayonnaise ingredients expeller pressed canola oil, pasteurized whole eggs, filtered water, honey, distilled white vinegar, sea salt, mustard (distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed Salt), lemon juice concentrate, (warnings) Contains Eggs.

Haven’t tasted it yet, I hope it is good as it is answer to my prayers so-to-speak. Only problem is the price a small jar was almost six bucks. Plus I had to go into a health food store to get it. No I’m not afraid of hippies, it’s just everything and I do mean everything in there seems to contain soy in one form or another, The entire refrigerated section was completely soy. As I have said before — soy equals death to me. Not that my soy (or peanut for that matter) allergy is air borne it’s just such Close proximity to so much soy bothered me.

I’m actually surprised they had this mayo there since vegans and vegetarians all seem to think Soy protein is a saving grace, it’s not. The only place for soybean oil is in gas tanks not our foods. The use of it in foods will only increase the number of people who become allergic to Soy. Think about it. In a way we are poisoning ourselves ever so slowly, I’ll try my new Mayo when I make my next Tuna sandwich.

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