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Dec 052008

Why are there soybeans in my Tuna? Good question isn’t it? When I pick up a can of solid white tuna in water that’s what I expect to get. But you will also get soy beans. The ingredients of Starkist Solid White Albacore Tuna in water are listed as: White tuna, water, vegetable broth, salt, phosphate, with The warning contains Fish and soybeans. Well The fish is a given (and supposedly salmon and tuna are the only ones I can have now), but where is that soybean warning coming from? The vegetable broth, which apparently doesn’t even need to be there as my call to StarKist to complain proved. So along with natural flavors watch out for anything listing vegetable broth!

I called to complain to Starkist that in water should mean in water and to ask if any of their tuna was soy free. They do have a premium Gourmet Choice tuna that is soy free. It is pretty much the exact same as the regular White tuna just no osy, a gold label, half ounce less all for about a dollar more. They sent me a coupon to try it.

The ingredients of the StarKist Gourmet Choice Solid White Albacore Tuna Fillet (gold can) are: white meat tuna, water, salt, sodium acid phosphate with the warning that it contains fish (nothing about being manufactured in a facility that handles soybeans). So this time in water means in water.

Bumble Bee also makes a Prime fillet Solid White Albacore in water (in a gold can) that is soybean free (no vegetable broth). The Bumble Bee Tuna is less expensive and has six ounces to Starkist’s 4.5 oz. We will see which one tastes better.

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  2 Responses to “Soy in my Tuna”

  1. I purchcaed bumlbe tuna chunck white in water. It was like soup with all the liquid in the tuna. I failed to see where the water was! They also sent me 2 coupons for free tuna, but it was ot good on their gold cans. The gold can is better. Ihave had it before. It’s like tuna use to be at amuch cheaper price. These companies get away with so much and the consumer gets less and less for a much higher price. It’s with all products. I remember when food tasted like food!!!
    It is really sad the america people can’t do anything about it. If I knew how to go about it I would try to expose some of these companies.
    Melanie Sidoti

    • I think it is a crying shame that Corporate America, The USDA and the FDA, have allowed the big companies to get away with having a hand in “making us sick, Micheal Pollan, The western Diet.” Soy is what they are feeding our cows. Those cows in the feed lots never get to graze on grass. I looked this up when I was doing a presentation for a Pop Culture Class. Micheal Pollan is easy to find in the social media along with a Documenraty “Food Fight” it really is an I opener. I never new soy was added to tuna untill last week when I recieved a re-call letter from Costco, We felt sick after we ate the tuna but decided that we were coming down with the flu, REALLY SOY, WHY?

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