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Dec 062008

SPAM the all American canned meat has gotten a bad wrap over the years and a lot of people feel the same way Month Python’s Flying Circus does, Spam, Spam, Spam I bloody hate Spam. Well not me, I kind of like it and lucky for me it appears to be soy free according to the ole ingredients list. One would almost expect that this potted mystery wheat would use soybean as a filter I, for one, am glad they do not. This is a bit of comfort food for me; It takes me back to my childhood and eating a fried Spam sandwich with my Daddy. I have had a can in the cupboard for a couple of years good thing Spam has a good shelf life mine is good until 2010, I’ll have to fry it up one of these days.

Here’s little SPAM Trivia, did you know Hawaii holds a Spam festival each year? They do.

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