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May 062008

Catching up on my DVR recorded TV shows this weekend and I spotted some more Star Trek references on a CBS show. Any chance CBS/Paramount moved the new Trek movie date from Xmas 2008 to May 2009 so they could exploit their TV series for additional exposure and try to make Trek more hip? Geek is as good as gold these days you know.

 The April 11th episode of NUMB3RS had the following Trekkie conversation.

Megan Reeves : Look at you guys. This is kind of like when Captain Kirk used to beam down and would leave Bones and Chekov in charge.

Dr. Larry Fleinhardt: No actually the chain of command went Commander Spock to Lt. Cmdr. Scott to Lt. Sulu then once during season two it actually went to Assistant Chief Engineer DeSalle.

Or is it simply all us math and/or science geeks must also be sci-fi geeks and vise versa?

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