LEGO Brand Retail
Jul 262008

The new Star Wars figures hit stores today the wave includes figures from past movies as well as the upcoming Clone Wars CGI animated feature.

About half of the Clone Wars figures had a first day of release sticker on the front, which will have collectors running around trying to find them.

There are also two more droids to build; I guess the other druid factory venture worked out well for Hasbro. It looked like it takes 4 or 5 figures to build each droid.

The Clone Wars figures look pretty good. In fact I think they look better than the on screen characters. (I am not a fan of the cgi look of the new film. To me it looks like they took all the video game film clips and stuck them together to make the film. Don’t get me wrong I will still be going to the theater to see this new Star Wars flick.)

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