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May 282008

When the weather gets warmer and school’s out American’s head out to the waterways. Each year there are numerous accidents and even deaths caused by inexperienced boaters and in appropriate behavior on our nations waterways. Fortunately fatal boating accidents were down last year, but incidents of accidents, injuries and property damage were all up in 2007. It is not surprising to learn that this increase was due to operators not paying attention, careless and reckless behavior, speeding and alcohol use. One third of the accidents nationwide with a death involved were due to alcohol use. In Arizona alone 50% of the fatal boating accidents were alcohol related, unbelievable.

To reduce those numbers all it would take is a little common sense and some basic boating knowledge. Use your head when hitting the water. Why not check out someboating education online before heading to the dock? Above all avoid operating a boat under the influence you’ll be glad you played it safe. Boating while under the influence is just as illegal as it is while driving so why even chance it?

Arizona boating can offer lots of summertime fun if you simply follow the rules.


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