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Jan 032008

Get off the freaking phone people! Why do people think their phone conversations are more important than their own safety and the safety of others? The dangers are everywhere from people driving while talking to walking out in front of moving vehicles.

Many states have already made it illegal to use your cell while driving. Wish they would include hands-free headset talking in those laws as well. Even though they are not holding the phone in their hands their brains are not on the driving. I see people driving too slow for traffic, swerving into other lanes and almost rear-ending other drivers all the time. I really hope that Pennsylvania enacts a no cell phone law soon.

I believe NY has even made it illegal to cross the street while using a cell phone. Not a bad idea. Heck, just the other day I was pulling out of my parking spot and out of nowhere this guy on his phone punches the back of my car. I had looked both directions and directly behind me before starting to back out. He should have seen my car was moving and the reverse lights before stepping behind my car. But the idiot was too busy talking on his phone to be aware of his surroundings and of what was going on. I am glad I did not actually hit him, but it would have served him right for not paying attention.

I even believe that our recent accident was caused by the other driver using his phone and not paying attention to what he was doing behind the wheel when he made that left hand turn right in front of us. If I could prove that I would be suing his ass.

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