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May 302008

Gravesite Masters knows how to handle grief in fact they can even handle it for you. Whether you simply can’t bear to go back after burying a loved one or you live to far away to get back to the grave as often as you want they take care of it for you. Gravesite Masters offers up products and services you won’t readily find just anywhere. Best part is most of their services are nationwide.

Their services range from flower arrangements, both artificial and fresh cut, to flower planting and expand to headstone cleaning and monument repair. But they don’t stop there. They also have wreaths, vases, plant holders, and flag holders. Some of these cemetery products I thought were only available from the cemetery itself. Nice to know they are readily available. Oh, and the Gravesite Master wreaths are suitable for the grave or the home. They really are lovely.

Gravesite Masters also offers sympathy gifts like throws and framed prints with inspirational quotes. But what strikes me as truly amazing is the graveside service. They can deliver your flowers directly to the grave. Any grave, anywhere. That is just fantastic. While services like the flower delivery are nationwide other services are more specialized, like monument repair, and therefore can only be done in specific locations.

Gravesite Masters is one of the most unique online shops on the net. And it is filling the needs many others simply ignore.

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