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Jan 032008

Two massive stone haulers ganged up on me as I drove to work. It started as I entered the turnpike. As I pulled out of the tollbooth I wound up behind a slow moving car. The first dump truck flew up along side me and beeped at me because I was in his way. Well I could not drive through the car in front of me, now could I?

We get to the on ramp and this guy keeps pushing me. He was never further away from me than two or three feet always right on my bumper. Once we got on the highway he still stayed on my butt.

A few times he passed me only to go slower than me once ahead of me. Then when I passed him he rode my ass again. At one point I wound up between him and another driver who drove as aggressively as his co-worker.

Every time they were behind me all I could see was the grill and Peterbilt logo. That was all, nothing else. I am pretty sure they could not have seen my brake lights from their truck cabs. Someone should probably let the folks at Stephan and Son Trucking, Inc. of Westminster, MD know the drivers with the truck numbers of 6970 [plate #149 96] and 6186 [plate #13 305] are unsafe drivers out on The highways.

What makes these guys think they own the roads? What gives them the right wreck havoc on the highways and scare the pants off me?

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