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Jan 172008

Unicorns are magical creatures that only exist for those who believe. When they are not frolicking in dewy meadows or posing on windy cliffs they are helping believers do away with daily annoyances like new age happy ladies, creepy mimes, and arrogant businessmen. So if you believe with all your heart and soul they will answer your call.

Unicorn Code:Avenging Unicorn Play Set

  • Unicorns never lie.
  • Unicorns always lend a helping hand.
  • Unicorns are loyal.
  • Unicorns can keep a secret.
  • Unicorns don’t use drugs.

Like their seafaring cousins the mighty narwhal they have four different magical horns each with its own special power.

The pearlescent horn gives the unicorn mind control, weather control, and super hearing (kind of like the bionic woman). The spiral horn’s power is illusion casting and super healing (like the Mr. Meaty episode “Unihorn” where Parker heals folks, with his magical unicorn horn). The glow horn gives the unicorn the power of hypnosis and enhanced agility. (But isn’t hypnosis very similar to mind control and illusion casting?) My personal favorite horn is the chrome horn as it gives the powers of electromagnetism, speed-reading and teleportation. The three inch high unicorn is fully articulated to be better able to impale his enemies with his mighty horn.

The avenging unicorn is not alone in his quest so be sure to look for the other play sets: Unicorn vs. Narwhal, Good vs. evil Unicorn, and the Cold War Unicorns where the all American unicorn defends us against the red menace. Any unicorn fan has to get these. Another fine desktop toy for you get.

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