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May 082008

Doggy poop is a huge problem, especially if you live next to my neighbors who do not pick up the poop out of their yard. It is horrible walking out to the car past that crap. I do not look forward to the summer months, not one bit. I was a good neighbor and instead of just complaining (or posting to my blog at the time), I bought them a really good pooper scooper last year one where they would never have to touch the doggy waste. I thought the gift would give them the hint that they needed to pick up after the dog every time she went potty not once a month or less. Well they not only did not get the hint they regifted the pooper scooper saying it was too small to pick up their dog’s poop. Not if you used it on a regular basis! Yeah it was too small to handle all that poop at once, but the idea was for you to use it daily people!

Poop-Freeze What a Waste!I came across Poop-Freeze (via the goat at and thought at first what an idiotic idea. Then I remember my problem and thought on a hot summer day if the poop was frozen maybe the stench coming from the yard two feet away from me would not be so bad. (We cannot even have our living room window open in warm weather because of the smell from next door.) Even with that possible use Poop-Freeze really is a stupid idea (proven by the post on the company website that the company is insolvent, folks aren’t buying it). touts the supposed environmentally friendly aspects of this product. There are no CFCs and it claims not to harm the grass but freezing it to 60 degrees below zero has to harm the grass. Really how environmentally responsible is it to offer a product that has no real use (how hard is it to pick up that poop any way)? You will still be left with a can to dispose of making even more waste. My guess is that TreeHugger is pointing out the un-treehugger-like properties of this particular product.

Now here is the only use for the product that even makes sense… (taken directly from the homepage of “POOP-FREEZE™ is an emergency pet product that every pet owner should have. Just keep it under the sink for those occasions in which your pet has diarrhea or loose stool.” While I would never refer to it as an emergency pet product it would be very helpful in picking up messes from a sick puppy.

Now if someone could come up with the product from the movie Envy (the Ben Stiller / Jack Black unfunny flick about jealousy). I believe that product was called Va-poo-rize. When that becomes available the pet industry will explode. I do believe that eventually someone some where will come up with something that works until that time you’ll just have to pick up that poop!

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