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Dec 022008

All my life I have been told that margarine is better for you than butter. Maybe it is, but since my Soy allergy has kicked into full gear (it could potentially kill me) butter is the safest choice for me. Margarine like mayo is all made from soybean oil. Even if it says canola it only means with Canola the mass majority of the oil will be soybean oil. So I have abandoned margarine in my diet and have gone over to the buttery side of life. Taste has improved, but butter is hard unless you get the whipped butter. Like every thing else soy free butter is more expensive and to remain Soy free you have to stick with the brand names. Generics will slip in Cheaper bad for you ingredients.

I have found a pretty good solution to spread on my homemade bread (need to ask my mom to make me a loaf). My solution is Country Crock’s spreadable butter with Canola Oil. It was easily found in my grocer, no driving all over god’s creation to find it. It spreads easily and tastes good too,

Ingredients: Butter (cream, salt), canola oil, buttermilk, water, salt, lactic acid, Vitamin A

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