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Nov 282008

Well having a soy free spaghetti dinner is almost impossible. We normally make our own spaghetti sauce but we use store bought ingredients. Our recipe is simple enough meat, spices, tomato paste, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes and olive oil, sound s like it should be soy free right? Well that tomato sauce is the problem. Right now the only brand we have in the house (generic Giant brand)
has natural flavors listed. And we all know by now natural flavors equals soy. I will call to confirm, but I am sure it does. So the hunt begins for a canned tomato sauce without soy.

So far my noodles all seem Okay (wheat is not an issue for me – yet), I am concerned by the wheat gluten in the Giant brand, but San Giorgio and Barilla both seem to list better ingredients and no sign of Soy floor or soy oil. Yeah.

Giant Brand Vermicelli ingredients: semolina, niacin, ferrous solfate (iron), thiamine, thiamine Mono nitrate, riboflavin, folic acid. (warnings) Contains: wheat gluten (Food hold USA)

Barilla whole Grain spaghetti the ingredients: whole durum wheat flour, semolina, durum Wheat floor, oat fibe r. (warnings) Contains: wheat ingredients, manufactured on equipment that process products containing eggs, (Barilla America, Inc)

San Giorgio Angel Hair Pasta ingredients: semolina (wheat), durum flour (wheat), niacin, iron (ferrous sulfate), thiamn Mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid. (warnings) Allergen information: contains wheat and is manufactured in a facility that uses eggs.

So the noodles appear To be mostly harmless as does my parmesan cheese.

Giant Brand Parmesan Cheese: parmesan Cheese made from Cow’s milk (Cheese Culture, salt enzymes), powdered cellulose (prevents caking) (warnings) contains milk

My problem again lies with the sauce whether we make it ourselves or buy a jar for quick and easy meals. (I am learning there is no longer a quick and easy meal for some one with allergies or even for anyone wishing to eat healthier meals).

Ragu 100% Natural (doesn’t mean it is good for you) ingredients: Tomato puree (water, tomato paste), soybean oil, salt, sugar, dried onions, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), spices, romano cheese (part-skim milk, Cheese Cultures, salt, enzymes), natural flavors,

No warnings as the FDA does not require soy warnings only that they are listed in the ingredients, but they can still get away with using natural flavors (aka Soy).

Ragu is a sauce I grew up with and my preferred sauce, but I’ll now have to say good-bye. Not buying it any more is a lot easier than trying to get a company to
stop using soy. So I tried Prego. Flavors okay, but I am not 100% certain it is soy free, I’ll have to call Campbell’s and find out.

Prego 100% Natural Italian sauce ingredients: tomato puree (water, tomato paste), dice tomatoes in tomato juice, sugar, vegetable oil (corn and or Canola), salt, Onion powder, spices (basiI, oregano, spice), dehydrated garlic, citric acid, dehydrated parsley and flavoring. (no warnings)

I question the flavoring and spices listings. I have found some spice mixes in my cupboard that contain soy.

Unless I want just noodles, olive Oil and parmesan cheese my search for Soy free spaghetti the sauce continues.

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