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Jul 302008

I like going into a toy store and finding new action figures in their aisles. In the last few months action figures seem to have taken a turn toward playability again. Hasbro has release 3.75″ Indy figures. The same scale as the Star Wars figures.

Now Mattel has released DC characters in the same scale. They have good Sculpts and good articulation. So why did we ever put up with those seven and eight inch mini sculptures that didn’t move and were no fun to play with?

So now my Star Wars figures can hang out with and play with my new Indiana Jones and Super hero figures. Shazam can swoop down and save R2 from The clutches of Black Adam and Darth Vadar as Indy rides away on his horse. (Yeah I play with my toys.) I have always loved small figures and hope this scale keeps going strong!

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