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Jan 032008

Around seven o’clock I was driving down route 176 to go to my doctor to see why my hand is still hurting me. When I come across this ratty old pickup truck full of junk. The crap in the back of the truck wasn’t secured and certainly did not look safe. I have always had a fear of things flying off of trucks whether its a car or just a ladder I feel like it will come loose and cause an accident. This fear caused me to back off instead of trying to pass this jerk.

Well, my instincts were right. No sooner did I back off when all of the sudden a huge metal object the size of a large lawn chair came off the back of the truck and right at me. Thank god it went toward the empty passing lane first giving me enough time to swerve to The right escaping its path by riding on the shoulder.

The guy in the truck had to know he lost some thing if not by seeing it then by the shear noise of the thing rolling across the highway. Maybe he just did not care. He made no sign of stopping, not even of slowing down. After that I wasn’t chancing that anything else wouldn’t fly off that thing so I floored it and went around him. Looking in my rearview mirror, it didn’t look like anyone behind was hit by it. No cops around to stop this guy either. Sorry I did not get the plate number if you or your car were hurt by this guy’s careless actions.

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  3 Responses to “Traffic Nightmares Continue”

  1. wow sorry to hear about all your problems your going through with. It sounds like you have been having quite the time with driving. But from looking and reading these posts with an open mind do you think any of these inncidents are your fault since they seem to be re-occuring within short periods of time?

  2. WTF? Open mind? What about right mind? How in the world could anyone who actually read these posts think these things are my fault? Yeah, I told the guy not to tie down his junk in the back of his pickup truck so things would fly off at me. I also made sure the lady in the far left lane had to plow through me so she could make her exit on the right side of the road without looking around to see who she was hitting. Ever stop to think the world is in too big of a hurry to pay attention and drive safely? And that these impatient people are putting the rest of us safe drivers at risk and endangering our lives?

  3. OMG I am having a little bit of trouble getting over the above comment.

    In what universe would any of these recent incidents have been my fault?

    Let me run through these for you (or at least the ones I remember off the top of my head)

    The car accident I was the passenger of a car that had an oncoming vehicle cross in front of them. Clearly not my fault.

    Someone crosses from the left lane to make an exit on the right side nearly plowing into me, who by the way was driving safely in my own lane. Again not my fault.

    A girl can’t wait for me to pass [I was going the speed limit by the way] and pulls across the oncoming lane and almost slams right into the side of my car. How is her impatience my fault?

    Then I’m in my lane passing a car when he decides he wants over too. Is it may fault he was not aware of surroundings enough to know someone was passing him? I think not, I will give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say I may have been in his blind spot. Still if he was aware of his surroundings he would have known someone was passing him. So I ask how is that my fault?

    Then we have the junk man losing stuff off the back of his truck. How could I control that?

    That finally brings me to the two aggressive, pushy, tailgating truck drivers. I was moving with traffic at speeds of 75 to 80 mph (the speed limit was 65 mph), I see no reason to be going that fast let alone faster. And certainly not at such close distances to another vehicle as these trucks were driving to me. It is not safe. So these guys were not only breaking basic drivers safety rules they were breaking three laws (tailgating, speeding and aggressive driving). So I ask again how is their need to go 90+ mph on a road posted as 65 mph my fault?

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