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Jul 072008

This morning I witnessed an accident. Heck I was almost in the accident. This guy was flying up beside me on the left (I was in the middle lane) and the traffic was heavy up ahead due to road construction. Well he wasn’t going to wait. He zipped around behind me to make a right hand turn from the far left lane!

I followed the whole thing in my mirrors. As I got to my passenger side mirror I saw him being hit by a Toyota pickup that was coming down the far right lane. It really shook me up. I pulled over to see if they were okay and to give them my name and number for the cops to call me as a witness if needed. (It was clearly the aggressive driving of the guy in the car’s fault). I was too shook up to actually stay there. If I had I think I would have had an anxiety attack.

 I am thankful that I was not hit by the guy as he nearly clipped me as he whipped behind my car. The way I felt (and still do) I do not know how I would have reacted if I was involved more than merely witnessing it. As it was I was a nervous wreck the entire day at work.

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  One Response to “Traumatized By Accident Today”

  1. You know what I realized lately? It’s totally not worth driving like an a**-hat. I used to be that aggressive driver trying to save seconds of my life by speeding aimlessly and weaving between traffic. Now that gas prices went up I figured I try driving at the speed limit. So far so good, I saved myself some money on gas (better fuel mileage) and I’ve gotten everywhere at the same time I would have if I had been speeding the whole way there. I noticed that one stoplight in a 30+ mile trip makes up the difference in going 70mph versus 85mph on average, equaling the same exact travel time. Crazy isn’t it?

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