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Apr 212008

Tonight’s Big Bang Theory was hilarious, especially for all of us Star Trek geeks. The episode starts out with the guys sitting around talking about Spock’s conception and Vulcan mating rituals,  pon far, and a possible fertility clinic with Sarek going in with a copy of Pointy Ears and Shapely Rears [I think that was the name of the mag he came up with].  and how all aliens on Star Trek have the same private parts and why no alien woman ever told Kirk ‘get your thing out of my nose?’. [I missed the first few minutes so I am not sure why they were talking about Spock’s conception, perhaps they were discussing the upcoming new Star Trek film].

Then the boys quote Spock’s dying words to get Sheldon to join them in the physics bowl. The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few or the one. Works every time. Sheldon agrees to do it and holds up his hand in the familiar Vulcan salute.

Physics Bowl Army Ants Red ShirtsSheldon then designs the perfect uniforms for the competition. Colors are based on Star Trek the guys will wear support red and he will wear command gold. [Is he saying they will all die before the end of the episode, er contest?] When he walks out in his command shirt followed by three red shirts I got the giggles.

After the contest Penny comes in to prove who is the smartest with a bunch of trivia questions. Here are a few of those questions and responses…

Commander Sheldon of the Army AntsPenny: What actor holds the record for being named People magazines sexiest man alive?
Sheldon: William Shatner
Leonard: I don’t think it’s Shatner.
Sheldon: Then it’s got to be Patrick Stewart.
Penny: No.

Penny: Tweety Bird tought he taw a what?
Sheldon: Romulan.
Penny: Yes. He tought he taw a Romulan

When this epsidoe finally hits the net I will have to rewatch it. Thank goodness for CBS and other stations putting full episodes on the web.

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  2 Responses to “Trekkin with Geeky Guys on Big Bang Theory”

  1. Yes, the episode started with talking about the film. According to the boys on the show, there’s a scene of Spock’s birth. WTF?

    Awesome episode tonight!

  2. Thanks for the info. I thought it had to be the new film. Perhaps the scene of Spocks birth is in the film [I am staying away from too many spoilers at this point]. I know there is a time travel element and we see our familiar old friend Nimoy as the older Spock. So maybe we get to see his whole life flash before our eyes?

    Big Bang Theory and Chuck are two of my favorite shows from this season. I hope they both make it to next year. Long live the geeks!

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