LEGO Brand Retail
Jan 182008

I just had the weirdest call ever. I work for an online store and we get some of the stupidest questions from customers. But I have to say that this one takes the cake. This guy called up saying he did not get his free item. Well, we weren’t giving out anything free so what free item. He saw something on another website (which does not exist or at least I could not find it) that said we were giving away a free gift. Not true. He then goes on to say he got an email from us about the free gift. Again not true. Plus he never ordered from us at anytime, but according to him he did. Funny we cannot seem to find him. So I sent him off to find the email and or website and call me back. I actually hope he comes back with something, but I doubt he will. He sounded really out of it. He was altogether together if you get my drift.

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