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Jan 142008

Watching V for Vendetta again. Agent Smith from The Matrix (you know him as Hugo Weaving) makes a great masked vigilante known only as V. Man he has a very distinct voice. Natalie Portman gives an excellent performance and she doesn’t look half bad with a baldhead. (Unfortunately for this film Britney Spears had to have her break down causing me to see her instead of Ms. Portman during that scene in the film.)

This film has a strong message about intolerance and of the government taking away our rights and freedoms. Freedoms we often take for granted. If we don’t want a bleak future like the ones the films V for Vendetta and 1984 portray we must take the necessary actions to avoid them now. With 2008 being an election year now is the time to ensure we continue to enjoy the freedoms we do have and to make sure we extend those same freedoms to all human beings no matter their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Here’s hoping we make the right choice for all our futures.

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