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May 132008

This is a really weird coincidence that golf has come up in my conversations about four times in the past week. So it only seems fitting that I bring it up now. I am not a golfer. If I were I would have had a free day of golf at a local course. That was my first conversation this week. The next was about my uncle who used to play, but my mom and I weren’t sure if he still does or not.

Golf might not be the most exciting spectator sport but it must be fun to play. I think playing golf could be a very fun, relaxing way to spend a day. Out in the sun and fresh air doing something you enjoy doing.

My best friend’s dad travels the country playing different golf course. He usually golfs on the east coast, but I am going to tell him about Las Vegas golfing. I always wanted to go to Vegas, but never thought I wanted to spend too much time on the strip. These trips would be a great way to travel. Visit your destination then stay and play golf in essence killing two birds with one stone. If you are a golfer this is not a bad way to travel, not at all. You might want to check out the Las Vegas Golf Authority to book a fabulous golfing trip now.

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