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Jan 052008

If you are the victim of an automobile accident in the state of Pennsylvania do not go to CVS pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled. They will fill your prescriptions. I found this out the hard way.

Last night when I took my prescription in and asked if they could bill my auto insurance due to an MVA the girl behind the counter didn’t even pause then she simply said CVS does not bill auto insurance and as she handed my prescription sheet back to me she said she could not even fill the prescription now that she knew it was because of a car accident.

According to her it is against CVS policy to even fill a prescription if it is for a car accident. Can you believe that? I could not! I did not get any further explanation that night I was just sent away without my Rx.

I called CVS the next day and they confirmed that due to some law in PA CVS will not fill accident related prescriptions. I still do not know what that law is, but I do know other pharmacies will still take your money when CVS won’t. So if you live in PA and find yourself injured in a car accident stay away from CVS pharmacies they won’t help you. In fact why not stay away any way? I know I won’t ever go back even though they added five dollars to my rewards card. It will never be used at least not by me.

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