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May 172008

Naked headless star trek toys!

Hey, what do you think these two are saying? Leave a comment with your conversation for naked, headless Captain Kirk and Klingon.


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  9 Responses to “What Are These Naked Guys Doing”

  1. “My dear Captain Kirk. My dear, dear Captain Kirk…”

    “No, I am NOT giving you head!”

  2. Don’t you think we should actually FIND the Crystal Skulls before taking our own heads off?

  3. “Look at the one I found! He looks like a grown-up Eddie Munster!”

    “Aw, you always have the best luck. All I could find is a Shatner.”

  4. “THIS head is clearly meant for thoughtful, clever verbal jabs and then for incredibly insightful warfare.”

    “To hell with your bad head. These BOOTS were made for walkin’…”

  5. Klingon: Now you tell me I can’t be on Futurama

    Kirk: (laughing)

  6. Kligon – So, your new Federation bio-filter works to remove suspected weapons

    Kirk – Hey, at least I got to keep my boots!

  7. Klingon: Remember “Re-Animator?”

    Kirk: Rhiannon ate who?

  8. Klingon: “Obviously the concept of ‘Swinging’ gets lost in the translation.”

    Kirk: “Damn! I look good from over here!”

  9. Klingon: Its just a flesh wound!
    Kirk: (grumbles…)

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