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May 062008

Fellow blogger AlyCat posted a question asking what movies you watched over and over while growing up that wore out your VCR. Good question. Unfortunately, being a child of the seventies we did not have a VCR. In fact we did not have a VCR until I was almost out of High School and then it was because I bought it! It loaded VHS tapes in the front like the VCRs of today instead of a pop up top like some of the older styles. I’ll bet not too many of you out there remember those. Don’t get me wrong mine wasn’t overly modern as it still had a wired remote.

So my list of watched and rewatched movies while growing up is short as it was really only the films that were aired every year on regular TV like Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, etc. Once I got the VCR my true tastes in films came out. I repeatedly watch horror and sci-fi movies like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Aliens, Ghost Busters, Star Wars, ET, etc.

 Now that I have onDemand and a DVR I find myself with repeated viewings of even more. Most recently I am stuck in a V for Vendetta phase.

What movies do you watch over and over?

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